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    Written & performed by Zach Sherwin.n"Serial" theme by Nick Thorburn.nBeat by Upryz (wondersmithaudio.com)nFilmed & edited by Marc Chester (IG


    Written & performed by Zach Sherwin.n"Serial" theme by Nick Thorburn.nBeat by Upryz (wondersmithaudio.com)nFilmed & edited by Marc Chester (IG: /thatssomarc)nnSpecial thanks to W.

    Kamau Bell, Jessica Schmidt, Ian Brownell, and Myq Kaplan.nn"LISTENING TO SERIAL"nI've been listening to SerialnMillions have been listening with menThey know when I say I've been listening to SerialnI don't mean Rice Krispiesn(Snap crackle pop)nI mean the podcast that's got me nCaught like a bass on a line that a rod castn(Hooked!) nGood way to get your pod onnAll the kids at WoodlawnnHae and AdnannJay and Don and Asia McClain and the gangnI'm so dang entertainednAlthough I do feel an occasional pangnWhen I think about Hae's homicide nAnd the anguish and pain that it's caused nFor the Lee family and the SyedsnReal live human personsnWho've endured such bruising and hurtnWhile for me it's just been an amusing diversionnnBut I've been listening to SerialnReally getting into itnEven when the sheer amount of detail nI'm getting regaled withnMakes me rewind in 15-second incrementsnAnd I wonder just how much nI should trust our host Sarah KoenignSometimes my suspicions that the whole thang's rigged nAnd that she's phony as a toupee wig grow yay bignHow far ahead of us has she been?nDid she really not know how it finishes?nIs she a sinister yarn-spinner nCynically stringing us along just to keep us interested?nThere was one particular timenWhen I thought “Yeah, she's messing with my mind”nListen for yourselfnIt's 9 minutes and 40 seconds into Episode 9.

    nSarah says:nn“Can we all agree that whatever happened to Hae probably didn't involve a 236 PM call from that phone booth?...I don't know about you, but I'm done considering that it's true.”nn“Can we all agree” nThat there was no call from that phone booth?nHow could I disagree with the facts YOU fed me? nI'm not the homicide sleuthnAnd, “You don't know about me?” nPlease.

    I see through your rusenI get what you're doin'nYou're trying to make me think nThat I arrived on my own at YOUR conclusion nPretty manipulativenAnd I'm not gonna let it slip through, KoenignOf skepticism, I am clearly full...nI've been listening to SerialnnAnd then my friend Kamau has a whole different point nI'll let him say this in his own voicenHis take is as follows:n“Serial's kinda racist!”nThese are people of color nBut Sarah mostly rejects racial discussionsnWhich, Kamau says, you absolutely can't do nWhen you talk about criminal justice.

    n He believes that there are questions nSarah would take more care to present nIf she were other than whitenAnd definitely if she were of Arab descentnAnd then there's just this anthropological feel nThat Kamau describes nAs a “'Went-to-a-liberal-college-nBut-don't-have-non-white friends' NPR-ish vibe." nCritiques of this kind nWould never have entered my mind, I concedenBut I went online and indeednThere's a whole lot more on there you can find and readnIgnorance was blissnKnowing all this? nKind of a bummernLike, can I still laugh at the dude in the ad nWho sounds like Strong Bad from Homestar Runner?nnI've been listening to SerialnIt's a complicated thing to engage withnAnd like the show, this rap is nearly throughnSo I should come up with a closing statementnSome way to sum it all up nThat feels real confident and seems strongnBut I gotta be honestnI wrote this in large part nCause I wanted to spit over the theme songnSo I may not finish things off nIn a tidy, clever, conclusive waynBut the season might not end like that eithernBefore Thursday, who's to say?nMaybe we'll get some answersnOr maybe we never really'llnNo matter what, we're gonna find outnNext time....on Serial.

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